Ukulele Tuners

Ukulele Tuning Help

Here are a selection of ukulele tuners for you to keep your ukulele sounding sweet.. Remember, Tune it or Die!

Are you looking for chords?

Hover or click on the note you wish to tune. Move or click away from the note to stop.

C6 Tuning (gCEA)

Standard tuning for soprano, concert and tenor ukuleles.

D6 Tuning (aDF#B)

Popular alternate tuning, sometimes referred to as ‘European tuning’.

G6 Baritone Tuning (DGBE)

Baritone ukuleles are usually tuned in G, like the highest four strings of a guitar.

Bass / UBASS Tuning (EADG)

The ukulele bass (UBASS and the like) is tuned just like a standard bass guitar

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