Professor Polopeka’s Songbook

Professor Polopeka

professor-polopekas-songbookOne of our members, Professor Polopeka  has very kindly allowed us to upload his songbook.  😎

With over one hundred songs, there is something for everyone. Take a look – there’s lots of cool songs to learn! It includes a great selection of sixties numbers. Plus, a selection a songs from a personal favourite of mine – The Rocky Horror Picture Show!

Thanks Prof!

Now updated to the Second Edition (18mb, so patience waiting for download)
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Hi Prof

Thanks for posting your book. I’ll check it out now. I’m sure people here will enjoy it!



Are Uke Crazy?!

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Thanks for sharing 🙂

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Thanks Prof.
Just wonderful. Contains some of my favorites (Fixin to die rag, Picture s of Matchtick man.. ).
Too bad I cannot sing. But I love just strumming along.

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I can’t sing either!  But I LOVE Pictures of Matchstick Men!  That’s one of my fave all time songs to play.


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Great – thanks! 😆

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Wonderful book with many songs I’ve not seen before.

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Yes, It has a good mix of songs 🙂 Welcome to the club by the way!

Are Uke Crazy?!

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Thank you so much for sharing this book! Love the Vampire Weekend song 🙂

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Yes i know i’m late but i would like to say thanks for sharing this book.. useful for learning on a ukulele .

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Yes i know i’m late but i would like to say thanks for sharing this book.. useful for learning on a ukulele .

Thank you! That makes me happy!

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You’re welcome professor . if you have some other books in the future, i will take them all 😉 thanks.

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I’ve now updated the Prof’s book with his second edition. Enjoy!

Are Uke Crazy?!

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Thanks guys!
This is great!

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Thanks so much Professor! I am very excited about some new music. 🙂

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