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I’ve been playing the uke–at some level, at least–for about 15 years now.  I was greatly influenced by Keoki Arieola, a wonderful San Bernardino resident who had played since his childhood and had developed a charming pick/strum style that I have worked to develop.   I would say that I’m moving more in the direction of Kimo Hussey, who also had a huge impact on me in a single seminar at some long-forgotten ukulele festival, but I’ve never forgotten his style.  I used to have a load of different ukes, but now I’ve more-or-less standardized on Magic Flea’s “Tiki King” concert ukulele with wooden fretboard.  I have a couple and just keep them handy.  I don’t have to change anything when I pick one up and there are fantastic travel ukes.  One has pegheds, the others have standard tuners.  All have d’Addario clip-on tuners which are very inconspicuous, but extremely easy to use.

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