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    Soon! xxx


    Of course! It was a pleasure to meet you too..


    Absolutely thanks for hosting last weeks meeting Robin. I will be there tomorrow night to check in but unfortunately I still can’t play..stitches supposed to come out Friday on my wrist but the incision is still not closed =( Bad part is it is affecting lots more than my Ukulele playing.. But I will still see you all..


    At the hotel there is a decent concert ukulele to use at the meeting, if it is for the vacation, come to the shop between 4-6 today and I can find something for you strum..



    Give me some titles to look for>


    I started to play in 2003 when I heard the “Somewhere Over the Rainbow its a wonderful world” everywhere.. then I seriously hurt my back and it was much easier to sit in bed and play than the guitar or the violin..and the recovery was weeks.. the ukulele was my bedside friend…


    Great article Harry, thanks for the link!
    See you Wednesday!


    Back to normal next week, I have been a bit under the weather.. See you next weeK!


    Thanks guys!
    This is great!


    Thanks Martin,
    Yeah, we could use a little life on the Forum, I have been busy working on some new titles and have begun to update the ones we already have, as there are many edits that need editing!


Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 31 total)
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