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Why I started to play the uke …..

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    If you have never seen a “Concert for George” the 2002 concert to celebrate the life of the Beatle George Harrison it might be a good thing to do. I watched the celebration of a life and right at the end of the concert Joe Brown plays the ukulele for George….. I still cannot see this film clip without a tear in my eye…. so here is a youtube link and a link to the uke chords…. So have a go! A tad hard but a moving uke tribute to aim for.

    Concert for George: Joe Brown and his uke

    I’ll See You In My Dreams – uke sheet

    Why did you start playing?

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    Hi Patbatch

    The Concert for George was great. Being from Liverpool, plus a Beatles fan, it was very special to me too 🙂

    I took up the uke because it was easy to get started playing and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I was also a big George Formby fan since childhood.


    Are Uke Crazy?!


    i am a recently retired high school teacher.never found the time to get “musical”.now i have that time.i play the mandolin for about a year now.took up the ukulele about 6 months ago. I love it! right now i concentrate on chords of songs i like.eventually i’ll get into tabs(maybe).i’m a big Simon/Garfunkel fan and am working on “The Boxer”



    Thanks Neil and Chuckboy, great to read why you picked up the uke stories, I think everyone needs a uke ……



    Here, There and Everywhere


    One of my favorite songs and this version inspired me to play Uke!!!


    Last year my wife got me a ticket for a talk in our local festival of literature.

    It turned out the talk was about a book on the history of the Ukulele. The authors were good speakers and the played a variety of instruments to ‘illustrate’ the talk.  I bought the book which had some basic lessons and a small songbook at the back.

    Of course I had to get an uke to try……

    Not as easy as I thought with my short, chubby, arthritic fingers – I’ll never play in public but, who knows, I might  learn enough chords ……….

    Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time.


    Keep on trying and the main thing is to have fun. We can’t all be great players – I know I’m not 😀

    Are Uke Crazy?!


    ‘sallright for you Neil -you live in an area steeped in music….. 😀

    but thanks for the encouragement!

    Have been trying a few different songs from my youth – unfortunate side effect is earworms – generally the ones I can’t remember all the words for!

    Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time.


    Hi Windle poons,

    a great way to start …. what fun, play for yourself …. friends, family does not matter just a great way to spend some relaxing, happy and fun time … uke ‘n anything – literature, poetry, art …. makes the world a better place …..

    Thanks Neil you are a real encouragement for us all ….


    I started to play in 2003 when I heard the “Somewhere Over the Rainbow its a wonderful world” everywhere.. then I seriously hurt my back and it was much easier to sit in bed and play than the guitar or the violin..and the recovery was weeks.. the ukulele was my bedside friend…


    I love to sing. My son plays the ukulele and I thought, I can learn to do that and it would be fun to have an accompaniment. I live on a boat so having a piano is out of the question. My singing generally carries my uke playing but I really do enjoy it.

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