Song Discussion: The Chevalier Brothers – Coco Beano

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The Chevalier Brothers – Coco Beano

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    cheavlier_brosRecently, at one of our Wednesday meetings, we were practicing this little gem.. I love this and am determined to learn it!  😆

    The song is by the Chevalier Brothers, a swing band that played on the London live music scene in the 80’s.

    At some point, we will try to make up a chord sheet. It is possible to see the chords in the video for now though.. Enjoy!

    Are Uke Crazy?!

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    Hi, What a good strum melody and well played.Who was the player? Give him a pat on the back.



    Will Do Phil.. He wishes to remain anonymous 😉 lol

    Are Uke Crazy?!


    Great song! Would love to learn it too 🙂

    What exactly are the chords?


    We don’t have them written down yet..

    Are Uke Crazy?!


    I will take a look and try to get something written up this week, although, I ned a new Lesson LOGO, horizontal for Myrte for next week..  hint, hint!




    I have some chords now:

    [A] [E7] [A] [Bbdim] [Bm] [F7] [C#m] [F#] [Bm] [E] [A]

    Candace is going to try to write it up on to a proper song sheet..

    Are Uke Crazy?!


    Yeah!! Awesome 🙂


    A chord sheet would be great! Thanks for the chords so far. Phil


    Here’s a chord sheet, kindly put together by one of our gang..


    Are Uke Crazy?!

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