Song Discussion: Sympathy For The Devil

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Sympathy For The Devil

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    I know the song is not that simple when you play it for the first time but imagine this with a percussionist… 😉 I brought it in the original tuning to our meeting, half a tone up would make it very simple.


    The Rolling Stones: Sympathy For The Devil

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    One of my favourite songs.. Not by the stones though.

    I know this song from acid house warehouse parties in the 80’s in the UK. It was covered in 1987 by a German band called Laibach. They done a whole album of Sympathy for the Devil remixes!

    The one that was a big hit on the rave scene was called Sympathy for the Devil (Who killed the Kennedys). It features old samples of Mick Jagger talking about his experiences on psychedelic drugs and lots of squelchy acidic rhythms. 😀

    Unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to find a video online.. Maybe Mick disapproved 😉

    Are Uke Crazy?!


    Laibach are from Slovenia, the name being the German version of Ljubljana, the capital city. I found a very strange music video for this version:


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