Fanfare Rondeau

Jean-Joseph Mouret

mouretFanfare-Rondeau is a classical rondeau from the first Suite de Symphonies by the French composer Jean-Joseph Mouret. It was written in 1729. It is a work of French Baroque music. It is well-known as the theme from Masterpiece Theatre, and remains a popular choice at weddings.

This arrangement is in 2 parts – Ukulele 1 and Ukulele 2.

Below, you can find audio recordings of both parts for you to practice along with..

Play-Along Audio Tracks

Ukulele 1 Ukulele 2 Both Parts
Ukulele 1 with metronome Ukulele 2 with metronome Both Parts with metronome
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Thank you very much for the tabs. 😉

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You’re welcome! 🙂

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