Artist Workshop with James Clem, American Roots Musician

jamesclemukeDon’t miss our free workshop with American Blues and roots musician James Clem!

Booking is advised. Places are limited!

The event will be held in the Boutique View Hotel on 22nd of October.

More information is avaialble on the event’s booking page – Artist Workshop with James Clem

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Welcome James,

I am so looking forward to meeting you to share some great music,  and learn some new teaching tips.  If you have time make sure you make a musical appearance while checking out the unique treasures and curiosities at the Uke Boutique,  a rather intimate  ukulele shop venue, next to a fabulous cafe and terrace.. right down the street from your hotel 😉 .. Safe travels..





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Some nice slide James!

Are Uke Crazy?!

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Hi Candace, Looking forward to our visit. We will be arriving Monday in the early afternoon and will stop by the Uke Boutique. Should be a fun time and I hope to meet some fellow music enthusiasts while there. One request… Does anyone have a guitar I could use at some point as I do not have one with me?

Cheers, James

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I have a lovely Cargo semi Acoustic you are welcome to borrow..

The shop opens at 14:00




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Hi Candace, We got delayed today and could not get by your shop until 18:00 and you were closed. Even worse, we cannot sign into our internet account for emails because we signed in from a new location. Maybe you can contact us through the hotel. we will work something out.

James and Michelle

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We just missed you yesterday, we should have dropped cargo off, changed the strings and I forgot I knew how to play, really going to have to get practicing again..and new strings are really nice too.. Later this morning we will bring it over to hotel. Let me know what time if you want to meet or will just leave at front desk.. I have a group lesson at 7PM.. So we are free all day.. let me know ..




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What a great time! Thanks so much to James for giving a great workshop on Wednesday. Here’s a photo from the evening. If anyone has any more, please post them in this thread. It would be nice to keep them all in the same place as a nice record of the night. 🙂

Ukulele Workshop at the Boutique Hotel View

Ukulele Workshop at the Boutique Hotel View

Are Uke Crazy?!

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Here’s some more photos…

Are Uke Crazy?!

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A great time was had by all… Looking forward to seeing you next year James and Michelle…



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