Love Vigilantes

New Order

lowlifeLove Vigilantes is the first track of the album Low-Life, by New Order.

The song was in memory of those who died in the Falkland War.

A war that happened recently in 1982, and happened in Argentina, (“land of the sun” it has a sun emblem on it’s flag) The man gets his leave, and goes back to the UK where he finds his wive crying over a telegram saying that he died. Although at first this would seem like an error, but the verse “my convictions would not lie” shows that he was actually convicted by the Argentinians, and failing to disown the US, was martyred for his country, and is a ghost.

The song is post-punk, and considered a teaser to the album, making the buyer think that he/she has bought a weird post-punk album, until he/she is blown away by the non-punkish synths of The Perfect Kiss.

It has also been covered by Iron & Wine. (source Wikia)

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